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Optical Lenses

Lenses are vitally important in every eyewear.


At Proview Optical, you can be rest assured that only quality lenses offering the very best optics are paired with your luxury frames.


Although they are the non-visible part of your eyewear, our quality lenses can be distinguished by their clarity, ease of cleaning and their durability after years of everyday wear.  


Our partnered lens suppliers invest several billion dollars collectively each year in research and innovation to ensure that we offer only the very best optics for our discerning clientele. Our lenses are cutting edge and at the forefront of optical innovation.


We partner with world leading lens manufacturers including Hoya, Essilor, Rodenstock, Zeiss and Shamir.


When it comes to eye health and vision, we believe that you should choose the very best that is available to ensure clarity, comfort and durability under all conditions.


See in more detail the following lens attributes.

Lens Attributes
Proview Hoya Lens Premium.jpg
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