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ID Lifestyle V+


Tailored Progressive Lens. Wide fields of vision.


Progressive lenses were first created in the 1960s. Since then, the evolution has been gradual, where the adaptation rate to progressive lenses was roughly 80%.


The combination of digital CNC lathe technology and computer lens mapping have allowed for the development of individualised free-form progressive lenses. These incorporate factors including the spectacle prescription, individual pupillary distance, frame vertex distance, frame wrap and pantoscopic tilt in their designs.


ID Lifestyle V+ Progressive lens designs are some of the best progressive lenses, with 60% wider intermediate and reading zones compared to standard progressive spectacle lenses. These are more natural to look through and induce little to no visual disturbances with eyeball or head rotation. This has increased the adaptation rate of progressive lenses to over 97%.


Progressive spectacle lenses allows wearers to enjoy distance viewing (greater than 4m), intermediate viewing (60cm – 4m) and near viewing (35 – 60cm) with the one pair of glasses. This allows the viewer to enjoy dynamic ranges of vision without having to switch between two or three different spectacles.


The wearer is able to drive whilst viewing the speedometer or in-car multimedia or navigation system. The wearer is able to peruse the supermarket shelves, see price tags and labels clearly and easily, whilst still seeing other objects and sale items from afar. The wearer is able to watch television or socialise with friends whilst browsing through their Facebook, Instagram or news feed on their tablets or phones.


Proview Hoya IDLifestyleV.png
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