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Block harmful blue-light from digital devices.

Reduce Eyestrain.

In a digital world, we are constantly exposed to digital screens. From our phones, to our tablets, laptops, desktops, fridges, televisions, in-car multimedia and navigation systems, to the self checkout at the supermarket. Even all new low energy light fittings emit a blue light wavelength that has been shown to be harmful to the health of our eyes, while also causing digital eye strain.


Blue blocking or Bluecontrol lenses now offer a physical barrier which can protect our most precious sense, whilst also offering excellent clarity to everything that we see.


Wearing Bluecontrol lenses will have the effect of reducing digital eye strain. Wearers often report less visual fatigue after a day in front of the computer and thereby increasing their productivity.


Proview Optical recommends Bluecontrol lenses for those that are are exposed to digital devices or screens for more than an hour per day. These can be part of your everyday spectacles or your dedicated occupational spectacles.



Proview Hoya Bluecontrol.jpg
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