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ID Workstyle V+

With 3 lens designs, which allow for more Close, Screen or Space viewing, the ID Workstyle V+ lens is an innovation in the occupational lens space. Compared to conventional and traditional occupational lens designs, ID Workstyle V+ Lenses offer upto 60% wider viewing areas compared to previous generation lenses and the free-form digital lens technology allows for more natural and progressive transition between intermediate and reading viewing areas.


It is designed for the modern workspace where there may be multiple screens to laptop screens, to paperwork and glancing across at the phone. These lenses will also allow for viewing upto 3m away, allowing for smaller office meetings with clients or colleagues at the meeting table.


Freeform Optimal Occupational Lens.

Wide fields of vision.

Natural Progression.



Hoya ID Workstyle V+.png
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