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Transitions Signature VII


Light Adaptive Lenses. Latest Generation. 

0% to 85% tint.



Photochromatic lenses react to the amount of UV Light present, offering comfortable viewing in any light condition. Changing from 0% to 85% tint, it will help to reduce glare and eye strain to light. Compared to previous generations they react faster and fade back to clear faster. It takes 1 minute to get to 60% darkness in direct sunlight and 2 mins to fade back to less than 25% tint when changing from outdoors to indoors.


Transitions Signature VII can be paired with any spectacle frame and any lens design to offer you complete control over every lighting environment.


They are 99.9% UV absorbing, which means that you are protecting your eyes from harmful UV Rays, which can cause early cataracts, progression of cataracts, macular degeneration or pterygium.

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