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Handcrafted Danish eyewear. Appointed by the Danish Royal Family. Featuring luxurious materials such as buffalo horn, precious 18K gold, diamonds, beta-titanium, acetate and N.O.W material.

ProView Lindeberg Glasses Sydney Opticia

Handcrafted precious French artisan eyewear. Appointed by the English Royal Family. Featuring precious materials such as wood, buffalo horn, precious 18K gold, acetate and beta titanium.

Crafted by Lasercut surgical stainless steel and handmade in Germany. Completely screwless in design with unique discernable trademark hinges.

Handcrafted Japanese artisan eyewear. With a heritage that spans over 100 years. Crafted in beta titanium, quality acetates and few models featuring 18K gold plating. Lightweight, comfortable and distinctive.