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Face à Face

Created in France in 1995, Face a Face was inspired by a passion for architecture. Pascal Jaulent, one of the founding creators of the original concept desired to give eyewear the ability to reflect the character of the wearer. “Face a Face was designed to reveal the sense of the modern that’s in all of us.”


Like in architecture, Face a Face works with volumes, shapes, materials, colours and textures to give its frames the ability to express the wearer’s personality. Research and design are at the foundation of every new collection, resulting in new styles enhanced by innovation.


Face a Face frames are bold, carefree, energetic, independent and seductive.


Face a Face headquarters are situated a few steps away from the Champs Elysees, while Face a Face frames are handcrafted in Jura France and their sunglasses in Italy.


Luxurious Boutique Eyewear


Paris, France

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