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What are the side effects?

What are the side effects of Orthokeratology?


In using orthokeratology, people may experience symptoms of halos at night around lights. This will occur more when our pupils are naturally large. This can now be mitigated with appropriate orthokeratology treatment that factors in our pupil size. The extent of these side effects will be discussed with you if they are relevant to your treatment outcome by our optometrists.


It is this side-effect however that is beneficial when we use orthokeratology for myopia control. In fact, we induce what is termed “Peripheral myopic defocus” in the peripheral retina of our children’s eyes to create a myopic shell. This effect is thought to be the mechanism in slowing the myopia progression.


What if I don’t get enough sleep?


It is important in the treatment of orthokeratology that one sleeps on average 7 - 9 hours per night. This is the time that is required for their corneal moulds to take full effect every night and enable clear vision throughout the next day. Sleeping less than the prescribed time with your corneal retainers is still ok, but realise that you may only have 80 - 90% of your optimal vision. In general, many of our patients who skip a night report good vision on the second day and can still attend school, drive or work on a computer with no interference. This is often the case after 6 months of persistent daily wear.

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