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What are the benefits?

How will my child benefit from orthokeratology?

Many children enjoy the benefits of clear vision throughout the day without the need for glasses or soft contact lenses. They lead a normal healthy life, unencumbered by glasses. They are able to enjoy active lifestyles including swimming, sailing, bike riding and team sports including soccer and water polo.

Protecting their eyes from myopia progression and future disease


Studies have shown that children who develop myopia tend to progress every year until their young adult life. Parents will recall from their childhood experiences when they would revisit the optometrist for their annual checkup only to be told that their vision has deteriorated, their prescription had increased and that they need thicker glasses.

Being treated with orthokeratology will provide your child with the benefit of a protective effect in slowing or stopping the annual progression of their myopia. You'll be preventing them from needing "coke bottle" glasses when they're older, while also reducing the burden of potentially blinding eye diseases in their adult life more common with increasing myopia.

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