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Blue Blocking Lenses

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Ipad Users

Technology is increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives. How many devices do we use on average per day?

Let's take stock. How often do you pick up your smart phone to check your messages or social media feed. Once you've placed that down, you then start typing away at your computer or laptop. After a few hours of intensive productivity and focus, you go and relax in front of the TV screen, and probably have your tablet at the ready and swiping away and keeping up to date the current news or hobby forum.

On average, it is believed that people are spending upwards of 2 - 3 hours more on screens, away from our work computer and laptop. Therefore it is important to know that these devices aren't causing any harm to our eyes or health.

Studies have been released from Havard Medical University, which shows that blue lights emitted from the LED and LCD screen can actually cause us harm. The blue light exposure at night can affect our natural circadian rhythms, which means we're not getting the right signals for sleep and rest if we use our devices before bed.

Furthermore, there is an increasing body of work which shows that blue-light between the wavelengths of 380 and 430nm can also cause retinal damage, thereby affecting your macula health and leading to early macular degeneration.

"So what can I do to protect my eyes from blue light?"

1/ Reduce exposure to blue light 30mins to 1 hours before bed so as to not disturb our circadian rhythm.

2/ Turn on your blue light filter on your phone and electronic devices after 7 - 8pm everynight.

3/ Wear glasses with blue-blocking filters when working in front of the computer or tablet throughout the day to minimise long-term exposure.

Proview Optical offer blue blocking coatings and filters for all prescription and glasses types, especially ideal for people who spend a lot of time in front of digital devices throughtout their days including children.

Enquire now about Blue-Blocking Filters for your next glasses.

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