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Caroline Abram

As an optician trained in designer optical outlets, Caroline Abram began in 1998 designing jewels and accessories for eyewear including magnifying glasses, chains and lorgnettes. It was the revival of the lorgnette where she gained international success, winning two gold Silmo awards.


She began her optical range in 2008, inspired by the charms of Florida, where she sought to create a range that reminded her of the old-fashioned charm of Miami in the Sixties. The range was a vintage, South Beach inspired collection with cat-eyes, colours and exuded extreme femininity. 


Caroline Abrams is a celebration of the female form and elegance. Her collections can only be described as beautiful and sensual. Her objective was to reveal and glorify all facets of a lady’s personality.


Caroline Abrams eyewear are colourful, fresh and bold. Her collections reveal tangy and striking shades with impulsive and attractive forms.


Artistic, Iconic



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