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Short to Tall


Candidates of Orthokeratology

Good candidates for Orthokeratology include:

  • Responsible and mature children (Age 6 - 18) and adults (all ages).

  • Eager parents who are keen to give their children good eye sight while also motivated to supervise during insertion and removal times for 5 - 10mins to minimise the risk of eye infections.

  • Adults and children who can demonstrate a good degree of hygiene

  • Motivated parents, family and people who are interested in their child being less reliant on their glasses

  • Active lifestyles including all manner of sports, swimming, karate, hiking, biking, sailing, outdoor and indoor sports.

  • Adults and children who routinely sleep for at least 7 hours per night.

  • Motivated occupations including: law enforcement, military, pilot, lifeguard, mechanics, miners, atheletes.

  • Myopia control - suitable for children in slowing down progression of their myopia.

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