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Henau is a family owned business and the result of two art-minded soul-mates. Michel Henau and Marc Delagrange. Their vision was to turn designs into handmade French masterpieces, full of contemporary purity and refinement, crafted from materials and colours which re-enforces the simplicity of the shapes.


Michel Henau is where eyewear meets art. This is the vision of Henau. Being designed in Belgium and handcrafted in Japan and France, the vision was to blend optical functionality with avant-garde design and craftsmanship.


Michel Henau’s vision is that eyewear are real fashion objects that radiate and enhance the personality and character of the wearer. Designer Marc Delagrange is passionate about optics, and modern art and themes his designs around haute couture - Artistic objects that are functional and comfortable. Marc focuses on form and materials and through his creations, he accentuates the design, originality, timelessness and functionality. His motivations for his creations are from the individual wearer’s perspective, where the object needs to be comfortable and in harmony with the face, both in colour and shape.


Michel Henau eyewear is often whimsical yet recognisable. They are contemporary and will offer a timeless character.


Artistic, Original



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