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It was in 2009 that founder-makers Eric and Mirko found an old pair of glacier military goggles from the First World War on a dream-like summit, that are the Italian Dolomite Mountains. As these goggles were still well preserved, the pair realised that these goggles must have survived for nearly 100 years due to its practical, functional design and quality of materials. They must have offered the soldiers with reassurance and protection faced in the extreme conditions on that mountain.


These mountains are still an ongoing source of inspiration today as it is also the location of their workshop in Belluno, a secluded Italian village nestled within the mountain ranges. Specifically in the ancient burg of Borgo Prà, locally famous for its long hot-work tradition: sword production.


Materials used include surgical stainless steel, high-end cotton fabrics, super-fine Merino wool and reconstituted tyre rubber. Hapter eyewear is artisanal, very precious and convey a trademark tactile expressiveness. Features include no hinges or solderings and a single piece lightweight frame that often weighs under 12 grams.


Hapter eyewear is Avante-garde and courageous, carving out its own unique style with a retro mountain look in the eyewear fashion world.


Their aim is to transfer a specific mood typical of the mountain environment to their eyewear collection: wind, cold, solitude, sufferance, effort and survival.


Original, Inspired, Textured



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