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Proview Optical are here to serve our community.


We remain available for essential, important and urgent eye appointments.


We are here to provide eye examinations including urgent and acute eye presentations. These may include red eye, conjunctivitis, iritis, flashes, floaters, retinal detachments, macular degeneration changes such as wavy vision or diabetic macular haemorrhages, retinal vein or artery occlusions.


If you feel a sudden and dramatic change in your vision, please contact us for advice on appropriate care during this time.


We are also here for glasses repairs, adjustments, replacements and all contact lens orders.


We will endeavour to provide you with fast, expedient, careful and hygienic service.



To protect our staff and customers, we have taken extra measures to maintain a high level of hygiene including regular antimicrobial wipes of all surfaces and machinery. Our staff are provided with hand wash, hand sanitiser facilities and face masks. 


We have enforced a strict 3 customers in store limit to adhere to government social distancing rules and hourly appointments to avoid crowds.

Please stay home and stay safe over this temporary period. We look forward to seeing everyone soon, happy, healthy, vital and strong!

Dr Henry Pham & Dr Kate Soong


Handcrafted Danish eyewear. Appointed by the Danish Royal Family. Featuring luxurious materials such as buffalo horn, precious 18K gold, diamonds, beta-titanium, acetate and N.O.W material.

Handcrafted precious French artisan eyewear. Appointed by the English Royal Family. Featuring precious materials such as wood, buffalo horn, precious 18K gold, acetate and beta titanium.

Crafted by Lasercut surgical stainless steel and handmade in Germany. Completely screwless in design with unique discernable trademark hinges.

Handcrafted Japanese artisan eyewear. With a heritage that spans over 100 years. Crafted in beta titanium, quality acetates and few models featuring 18K gold plating. Lightweight, comfortable and distinctive.


Online contact lenses shop.

Proview Optical is proud to announce that we now have an online contact lens store called ProContacts.

You can conveniently purchase your contact lenses online for home delivery. Browse our contact lens store here.